CEMA The shop !

The CEMA  shop !  A very large modelshop for all modellers !  Here you will find almost everything like jetengines and large scaleplanes, If you need sparepart or fuel this is the place !

CEMA " La Piste" (Runnway)

The main  "strip" is about 200 meter long and 16 meter wide !  Most modeljets and palnes can fly here. Close to the runnway you will find a smaller landing area with grass !

The depot is equiped with 220 volts  outlets for charging your planes as well as a "buvette" with cold drinks and coffe !



The flying of your jetplane is the main reason but the weather of southern France is very dry and sunny in the wintertime and gives you a very stable air !

CEMA Bastide ! Main building

This is where you live during your stay ! You will use the the main room and the "salong" as well as the bibliotek and the terrace ! All the rooms are different from the smaller rooms to the big master suite !. Look into the prislist  for the different roomprices ! Dinner and lunch will be served in the main building and in the evening you may use the "bar" or the large "salon" at your disposal !


To the lefte you will find the photoarchives ! Just click on the photo and it will be enlarged !.